Banner Ads,

Is a great way to get extreme exposure in multiple locations . WisconsinRapidsWeb handles your banner ads in a new and unique approach. Most companies will charge you by click, averaging .50 Cents by click. Excellent for them but could be bad for you. Every time someone clicks your banner ad you are charged, if your site doesn't close the sale you could be throwing away money. Wisconsin Rapids Web does it differently, we place your banner randomly on all 3 of our major sites, you only pay a fixed monthly amount. Don't confuse banner ads with keywords or ad words they are different. A banner ad is usually your logo and some catchy verbiage to hopefully get people to click it and go to your site. Ad words are keywords that you buy and when the customer searches for that keyword, then you show on one of the pages depending on what you are paying. Ad words could be valuable if you have a keyword that is popular and your chances of placing highest in the search are unfavorable. For example, if your key word is"photos", there are 115 million pages found by Google, making placement in the top 30 listings unlikely. Ad word research is necessary before you spend unwisely and get little response.

Banner ads on the other hand give you a more select audience and in the region you want to sell in. WisconsinRapidsWeb.com gives you that advantage if your market area is Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding communities. Our circle of coverage with Wisconsin Rapids as our center point is Marshfield, Pittsville, Vesper, Auburndale, Nekoosa, Rome, Adams and Tomah.

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